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Bach flower treatment has been known to banish anxiety and depression, improve memory, de-stress the mind and body - all of which can enhance your life journey and assist in your spiritual growth.

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Our pets have emotions too.

They feel fear, anger, jealousy, and depression just as we do. Bach flower essences can help our pets when they have negative emotions, just as they can when we are emotionally out of balance. Unfortunately, we are not able to ask our cat or dog why it acts depressed, but we do know if it misses a friend or gets overly excited when around new people.

38's Bach Flowers

Dr. Bach identified 38 basic negative states of mind, and created a corresponding plant- or flower-based remedy for each one. He sought a safe, simple, and pure method of healing his patients that would take into consideration their individual mental and emotional makeup. He found that certain flower essences stimulated self-healing in his patients by clearing the negative emotional factors that affected their state of health.