Beech 20 ml

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Bach Flower Beech (Fagus Sylvatica)

Each of us, at some time, experiences the negative Beech state. This is when we judge others by our own narrow standards, and become highly critical and even arrogant. Happily, most of us do not remain "stuck" there.

The Beech personality does remain in this state - focused outward from a critical position. Unable to focus inward and digest experiences, some Beech people also experience trouble with physical digestion. This phenomenon helps to explain why Bach Flower Essences do aid in curing physical ailments although created to treat emotional imbalances.

Often, people belonging to suppressed minority groups develop the Beech personality. Having been subjected to hatred, humiliation, disappointment and battered self-esteem from other segments of society, they withdraw and build their own set of values. These private values serve to insulate them from the slings and arrows coming from outside - and in fact help them elevate themselves to a position of superiority over their detractors. Often, entire families exhibit the Beech personality.

Unable to face criticism, scorn, or disapproval from others, an individual in need of the Beech Bach Flower Essence suppresses her own feelings to such an extent that she cannot possibly understand or empathize with the feelings of others. Professor Higgins in Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion is a classic example of the Beech personality in action. Completely out of touch with his own feelings, he is unable to see the pain he inflicts on Eliza.

In an extreme Beech state, the sufferer's tolerance levels fall so low as to become unduly upset over such simple things as another person's speech patterns or small gestures.

After treatment with Bach flower remedies, the Beech personality lets go of its limited value judgements. Criticism is transformed into understanding and the individual finally experiences sensitivity, genuine love, and tolerance for those who are different from himself.

The Beech personality feels cut off, even while it longs for unity, a fellowship of souls, and harmony. The arrogance and criticism are merely a shield that has been erected in an effort to protect the individual from emotional pain.

Dr. Bach's Beech flower remedy helps us to re-connect with our Higher Self and with the Unity of the Universe. It helps us return to a state of joy, cheerfulness, and tolerance for those around us.

Critical and intolerant of others, unable and unwilling to make allowances.

Bach flower essence prepared according to the original directions of Dr. Edward Bach.

Using wild plants that grow naturally in United Kingdom and produced using the sun method and the boiling method exactly like Dr. Bach instructed. Stored in Brandy 1:360 dilution.