Sweet Dreams Tea

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Do you toss and turn and worry instead of getting into bed and falling asleep? Do you lay in bed thinking about unfinished work? Worse, do you use sleeping pills and suffer with a drugged, groggy feeling in the morning? Sweet Dreams formula will help you release the day and drift off peacefully.

2OZ Tea Leaf Blend Black decaf, Pomegranate

How about a cup of royal pomegranate tea before a good night's sleep takes you away to dream land far, far away? The mysterious, ancient and yet truly fashionable pomegranate gently envelopes our decaffeinated Ceylon in a perfect blend - hot or chilled, a truly serene indulgence any time of day or night. Ingredients: black tea, flavoring, pomegranate arils, freeze-dried raspberry pieces.

How to make: 4-5 minutes 203-212 °F 1 heaped tsp./6 oz serving

Infusion of Bach Flowers: White Chestnut (Aesculus Hippocastanum) and Impatiens (Impatiens Gladulifera)